Revitalize – Corporate Espionage in the World of High Fashion.
Cyberpunk 2020.

This campaign is set in a near future, and will have significant differences from the core book’s setting. These elements and more will be included: high-speed tube transport, phones and computers are installed inside the body with any glass surface acting as a display screen, online digital presence are required, all legitimate money transaction are digital, full body scanners, memory modification, performance enhancing drugs, gene doping, improved medical tech, 3D printing manufacturing, small nano blades, functioning cyber limbs (but not better than well trained athlete), cybernetic eye and ear enhancement, heads up displays, self driving cars, elevated highways, memory recording and playback as in “Strange Days”, and slums like Munbui and Brazil.

America has become controlled by corporations. The difference between rich and poor has become insurmountable gulf. Europe has become an Islamic Caliph similar to “when Gravity Falls”.

Some sources of inspiration would be: “Strange Days”, “Minority Report”, “When Gravity Falls”, “Gattaca”, “In Time”, “Total Recall”, “BrainStorm”, “Limitless”, and “A Scanner Darkly”.

Our Campaign will be centered around corporate espionage, in the beauty and fashion industry. Have influence with the media will be important, or some underground contacts just might save your life and career.

Private Corporate Police:

Children at play:

Revitalize -- Cyberpunk2020

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