Colt Lambert

Biker Leathers, and Wild incept hair, with sharp witty eyes.


Colt is in love, yes I know that is hard to believe. His love is a member of a rival family, reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet. The lucky lady’s name is Val Stevenson. This love is even more troubled as her family has decided that she should marry Hugo Farmer. This Hugo is the owner of a massive farming collective, that can bring great wealth to the Stevenson family. Can this star cross love endure.

Is mostly dead, from a fall of over ten stories. His grandmother had the body taken away for possible reconstruction, could the miracles of Revitalize do more than we think is possible. What is to become of Colt and Val? Will Val go on to marry Hugo? So many question will remain unresolved with his untimely demise.

Colt Lambert

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